We ran 2 Groupons  the first in December for a Wine Dinner at our restaurant.  They are scheduled events so we can control how many guests attend at any time.  The deal was $30 for $65 tax and tip additional.  We sold 202!  Groupon split 60/40 with us.  Nice influx of cash we make a few dollars on the event but this allowed us to introduce many new customers to our restaurant and catering business.  Most were purchased as Christmas Gifts.
The second Groupon we ran was for our restaurant, again 60/40 split (we got 60 for this too)  It ran in early February with expiration date and not available for Valentines Weekend or for our $15 Filet Mignon Tuesday special.  Also this time limited the number sold to 200.  Groupon rep wanted us to run $20 for $40.  We were not comfortable with that since most guests can eat and drink without spending any additional dollars.  We agreed on $15 for $30.  Our concern was the same as most merchants guests will spend the minimum, take a table on a busy night, leave and never return.  I am sure some will never return but most all (that I can recall) have spent well over the $30 and have returned for dinner.
Overall we are very happy with our experience and would consider another Groupon in the future.  Its not for every merchant but great for us.
Happy to share this….
Sagra Bistro
Sagra Catering
620 Main Street
Hellertown, PA 18055


  • Note 60/40 split
  • Business lowered Groupon value to encourage more spending
  • Business blacked out key dates